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Play in the Park

Last week I went to the park. I paid for it with several days in bed but nevertheless, I went. I’ve lived within half a mile of the park for the last six years but in all that time I’ve … Continue reading

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Dear Sceptic

You call me a liar, a fraud. You claim malingerers like me represent everything that’s wrong with society; the reason the Empire fell. You resent your hard-earned tax supporting my life of leisure while you can barely afford to take … Continue reading

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Learning to Make Fruit Salad

Growing up in a church environment I was told time and again that Christians are appointed to bear lasting fruit (John 15:16) and I dreamed of the kind of fruit I would like to bear: shiny great apples that testified … Continue reading

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A Spot of Light Relief

Today’s post has been specifically requested by a reader in response to my concern that a blog about chronic illness might get depressing. Eighteen months after becoming bedridden I woke one morning with a rhyme in my head: the policeman chased … Continue reading

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