One Year On…

Today is my first Blogiversary: this blog is exactly one year old today.

When I launched DeadMenDontSnore back in March last year, I was unsure if I was even well enough to keep up with a blog beyond the first couple of weeks never mind whether anyone other than my mum and dad would bother to read it. I assumed my foray into the blogosphere might be somewhat short-lived (I certainly never expected to still be going after a year) but after years of living with illness, silently and unseen, I knew blogging was something I needed to try.

As I looked back last week at some of my earliest blog posts, I read the following words from my very first post:

It has been suggested to me several times that my illness gives a perspective unusual enough to be worthy of a blog. I have resisted till now because of the sheer time and energy involved. Multiple relapses have brought too many past projects abruptly to an end and I am reluctant to squander my limited resources on anything else that may result in months of wasted effort. Why put my words out there if no one will read them? What if I am too ill to keep up with a blog? Who would want to read about a life as restrictive as mine?

The answer to that last question turned out to be quite a lot of people. I’ve been blown away by the number of hits, comments and followers this blog has received and it is hard to imagine life now without it. I have loved getting to know so many of you, following your blogs, and learning from your experiences. I have come to view many of you as friends, and have danced more happy-dances while sat at my computer reading your kind words than I’d even had cause to in almost a decade. 

Chronic illness is by nature incredibly isolating and after eight years spent housebound, I have very few real-life friends still left to turn to. I go weeks at a time without seeing anyone that I haven’t had to pay to come visit me so I’m grateful to have established a virtual community instead. After years without a voice it feels good to be heard again and find people who already understand so many things that healthy people never could. When someone else with a chronic illness tells me they’ve shared a blog post with family and friends, or that I’ve helped them to express something they’ve struggled to communicate for years, it makes every ounce of time and effort worth the investment.

It breaks my heart to know that so many beautiful, caring people are trapped in such desperate circumstances and to see so much incredible potential wasted by disease. I wish no one had to experience what so many of us are going through; I wish I could click my fingers and take the pain and stigma away. But I am blessed to have ‘met’ so many people with such capacity to think of others despite their own difficulties. Reading your words of support, and learning how you choose to live such worthwhile, positive lives despite having every reason to be miserable, gives me strength to make that same decision myself, and makes my own daily struggles that little bit easier to deal with.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that continues to support and contribute to this blog. I’ll keep chipping away at new blog posts as long as my health allows it and so long as there are still people out there who are willing to read my ramblings. My sights are now set on reaching my second blogiversary, one day, one hour, one post at a time. I can’t wait to get started on it, and look forward to seeing what the next twelve months will bring.

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27 Responses to One Year On…

  1. nicolanoo says:

    I always look forward to seeing your posts in my reader. Congratulations on yout bloggiversary, I look forward to reading even more new posts 🙂

  2. Mark Armitage says:

    Congratulations on your “blogiversary”. To be honest, it is your readers who should be thanking you. As someone whose life has been severely affected by this illness for far too many years, I admire and appreciate your honest and eloquent account of life with ME.

  3. Janne Mok says:

    Hi Sarah. I have CFS and enjoy reading your blogs. The internet has connected me to many others with chronic illnesses that prevent them from getting out and maintaining normal friendships also. The most wonderful connections have been through a group called Rest Ministries, the Sunroom. It is a Christian website with many different subgroups. I belong to the CFS group and The ‘We need to laugh more’ group, plus a prayer group. We chat daily and post articles, prayer needs and topical discussions. And we just talk about how we are feeling each day. Have you heard of it? There are members world wide. I am Australian and talk to Americans, Canadians, Brits and NZ folk regularly. Would encourage you to join. You can be a member who just reads through but not well enough to join in the discussions.
    Anyway, Happy first Blogiversary. Please keep them coming. God bless you Sarah.

  4. Happy anniversary! Looking forward to being part of your second year 🙂

  5. Congrats on your one year! I think it is brave for you to blog about your experiences. And I know firsthand it is not easy with a chronic illness. Happy to have found you on here this morning. Take good care, Asetha.

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  7. Pepper says:

    Congratulations! I am pleased to count myself as one of your followers. I agree with you, it is nice to have a place where people understand. Thank you for being one of those who understand!

  8. lisagasko says:

    I understand your having difficulty having real friends. When you hve a chronic illness it is isolating. Fortunately I have overcome a lot of the pain of my disease, but still have trouble making friends because they don’t understand. Reading your and other blogs is really helpful. Glad you started blogging and look forward to your next year and many more after that.

  9. Peter says:

    Love reading your posts, Sarah, and being part of your blog community. What you write is always thought-provoking, and your love and compassion always shine through. . . . God bless

  10. Happy anniversary Sarah! I feel like we are blog friends even though we are opposite sides of the world. Today’s post is especially good, congratulations.

  11. knittedfog says:

    Keep up the good work

  12. Looking under the Covers says:

    Happy Anniversary! Good on you for sticking to it for a year! Here’s to another year in the blog-universe. Looking forward to continue reading your posts.

  13. hayley-eszti says:

    Happy (belated) blog birthday! Here’s to another year of great blogging 🙂 x

  14. Miss P says:

    Hi Sarah, I’ve read every one of your posts during your first year & look forward to reading many more! Congratulations on reaching your One Year Blogiversary! (That’s a new word I’ve learnt today!) Hugs & Best wishes x =) x

  15. kc says:

    Thank you.

  16. E. Milo says:

    Sarah, you are one of my favourite writers and the fact that you are also housebound with ME just makes your posts more personal and relevant to me. I look forward to everything you write because I know it will be thoughtful and eloquent. Keep blogging!

    Elizabeth x

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