Cat Magnet

My plan for this weekend was to get a new, carefully crafted and informative article written for the blog. Those plans have been thwarted by my new next-door neighbour’s cat which must have snuck in to my flat when I was paying the window cleaner this lunchtime, so a hastily written missive will have to suffice for now.

I don’t know where it had been hiding between getting in to the flat and appearing in my livingroom but I was just settling down with my laptop  to get on with some writing when the door swung open and in walked the cat. I still can’t decide which of us seemed the more surprised to notice the other.

Twenty minutes later, having closed every other door in the flat and found something heavy enough to wedge the front door open, I finally managed to shoo it out only for it to run back between the wheels of my wheelchair as I paused on the doorstep to greet two elderly neighbours. The cat seemed to have completely dissappeared and it took ten minutes for me to notice its whiskers poking out from under the bed. Nothing I could do to coax, scare or even poke it out with a walking stick could convince it to leave again.

Thankfully as I was reaching the point of total collapse a neighbour noticed my front-door ajar and shouted through to ask if everything was ok. He gallantly volunteered to extracate the now hissing, spitting cat, getting badly scratched in the process, while I sat there useless and apologised profusely for all the mobility aids, emergency drinks, snacks, medication, wayward tissues and other detritus stashed under the bed that he had to rummage his way through to get to it. (You don’t realise just quite how much embarrasing clutter can acrue under one bed until a bloke you barely know is lying on his stomach with his head stuck under there.)

Thankfully the cat has gone (at least for now) and I’m off to bed now to crash for the next day or so, sniffling and scratching with allergies from the cat hair all over my bedroom, with the window slightly open to get rid of the catty smell. (Please don’t climb back in through the window! Please don’t climb back in through the window!)

Looks like I’ll have to dose up on anti-histamines until I can sweet-talk a carer into pulling everything out from under the bed and deploying a hoover to get rid of the cat fur. Lets hope that that’s the only thing my feline friend has left under there for me ;0)

I hope this post finds you all as well as you can be.

Yours sneezily, till next time.

Sarah x

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14 Responses to Cat Magnet

  1. So delightfully reported, Sarah. There must be something about you that the cat likes. It’s been said that people don’t choose their cats; the cats choose their people. Sorry about your sniffles and scratching, however. Hope you’re feeling better now.

    • I don’t know what it is with me and other people’s cats as I love dogs but am definitely not a cat person. Cats always seem to make a beeline for me however, even unsociable cats that normally don’t like to be near people. I’m convinced cats deliberately make for the least cat-loving people just to annoy them. I have friends who adore cats who can’t get cats to come near them.

      If I beleived in reincarnation I’d be convinced it was my previous neighbours cat (which died a few years back) come back to haunt me. The two cats look almost identical. He was always sneaking in through my carers’ legs whenever they opened my door (though he would leave without a fuss the moment he realised I’d noticed him). If he couldn’t get in, he’d sit on the sill outside my window and bang his leg against the glass as he scratched himself vigorously. It used to drive me mad.

  2. vjearle says:

    Hilariously frightening! I too am allergic to cats, so cringed the whole time I was reading. Thanks for sharing!

    • Every time I open my bedroom door I half expect to see it’s whiskers poking out again. Unfortunately as my carers work for an agency they don’t always realise I don’t have pets of my own so they have been known to let cats in in the past assuming that they must be mine if they’re hanging around. I assume that must be what happened as neither myself of the window cleaner noticed the cat get in when I opened the door to him. No idea where it must have been hiding in the hour between the carer coming and my noticing its presence. I’m trying to remember to keep the bedroom door firmly closed all the time now so if it gets back in the flat it can’t get under the bed again. Thankfully so far it doesn’t seem to have tried to get in again.

  3. Jackie says:

    I saw under my bed the other day and promptly put the bed skirt back down. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t need cleaned. Right?



    • So, so many jobs I wish I could do for myself to avoid the embarrassment of letting others see how bad my flat is if you poke around in the corners. Having said that, when I replaced my fridge-freezer the other year, I apologised to the delivery crew before they pulled the old fridge away from the wall, knowing the floor underneath hadn’t been cleaning in five or six years and they responded that if it didn’t have a rats behind it it wasn’t the worst house they’d been to that morning. That made me feel just a little bit better about the state if my own place.

  5. Louise says:

    I have the same under-bed-horror. I always tell myself ‘I’ll clean it out when I’m having a really good day and have extra energy….” so you can imagine the state it gets into. When I *do* clean it out, maybe every 6 months or so, I find all kinds of things, I found a barely used pack of codeine the last time, it was like Christmas!!

    Hope you don’t suffer too much from the allergies. I think it’s true though, maybe the cat just wanted you to adopt it. 😀

    • Under the bed is always the first place I look if I’m running out of codeine before the pharmacy delivers my next prescription. In my case though its dozens of trays with only one or two tablets left in each as I have a bad habit of dropping them in the middle of the night when I’m half asleep and can’t get the microscopic tablets out of the fiddly little blister packs. Must say its comforting to know that I’m not alone in having such under-bed clutter.

  6. saxoma says:

    So sorry that cats make you sneeze – they can otherwise be excellent company which might have been something to consider for you at some point.

    • Unfortunately I am not currently well enough to take care of a pet, as much as I would love one it wouldn’t be fair on the animal to take on the responsibility when I already struggle to take proper care of myself. I’m afraid if I were to have a pet though, I am definitely a dog person rather than a cat person.

  7. Jackie says:

    It is a pity that you did not let the cat stay and visit you. I have very bad allergies with my ME but I still have two cats and I would not be without them. Why was the cat trying to get into your house does the owner not let it into the house. Maybe have a word with your neighbor if a cat is trying that desperately to stay in your house it really wants to be indoors out of the cold.

    • I don’t know why the cat came into my flat. It was a warm sunny day, the cat is clearly well looked after, its owner leaves a window open for it to get back in at any time and as soon as it left my house it scratched at her door and she let it in right away. I am too ill to look after a pet and my symptoms are already severe enough without adding avoidable allergies on top: I was forced to sleep in the living room that night until my carers could hoover the next day as my reaction to the left behind fur was so severe so I’m afraid letting it stay just wasn’t an option. Let me assure you however that it wasn’t harmed in any way and having seen it strutting in the garden since it doesn’t seem too have been too bothered by the whole debacle.

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