Kites, Company and a very Quick Catch-up

Apologies to my regular readers for having neglected the blog for so long.

Around the time I would normally have been working on a new blog post, my parents (who live overseas) came back to the UK for their summer break. While their visit provided an opportunity to enjoy activities I don’t normally get to do, the pre-emptive resting and post-exertional recovery requisite to being sociable prevented me from doing the more usual activities that fill my time.

After a couple of weeks recovery, I am slowly catching up with the tasks I have neglected for so many weeks. Buoyed up by the memories of conversations over cups of tea, meals eaten in company and getting out in the fresh air to see kites at a local festival, I hope to resume business as usual on Dead Men Don’t Snore very soon. In the meantime, I hope you are all as well as possible and enjoying the summer as much as you can.

Morecambe Kite Festival, June 2015

Morecambe Kite Festival, June 2015


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4 Responses to Kites, Company and a very Quick Catch-up

  1. vjearle says:

    How lovely for you to spend time with family although I know how exhausting it can be. Take care.

  2. Jan Porter says:

    Thanks for the update. Sometimes I wish friends and family really understood how much solitary (boring) rest time must be invested in order for us to do with them the things they take for granted. Surely, then, they would know how important they are to us and be blessed.

  3. Miss P says:

    Lovely to hear you were able to go out with your family. Completely understand the need to rest! :0)

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